Price different in PP

I have a problem with the purchase price of an instrument or even the incoming or outgoing distribution:
I set the price as my broker gives it to me, but when I look at the list of transactions I no longer have the same price.
All prices are in Euro.
Have you observed this too? I hope my problem is well explained.
Thanks in advance for a lead…;

EDIT: Sorry didn’t read properly! My answer didn’t make sense.

Hey Alfadelta,

it depends where you look. If the booking is correct, i. e. price per share, charges, taxes then PP does the calculation right. In some tables PP displays the real cost per share which includes the charges etc, i. e. 20 shares for 10 EUR each and transfer cost of 5 EUR would give share costs of (20 * 10 EUR + 5 EUR)/20 = 10,25 per share.

I hope this fits your case

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For example: I bought Lyxor world ETF on Jan 13rd at the price of 247,77€ for 0,0900 part. I enter manually these figures which are given by my broker.
Then I go to “all transactions” and there the price is 277,5125. Even if I edit the operation this price does not change.
Thanks for help.

You asked the same in French before. Why do you ignore the answer?

I am sorry. I don’t ignore the answer. But it does not help me…