Price incorrect in Statement of Assets

I’ve run into an issue where, if I look at individual stock data downloaded from Yahoo finance, the daily Quotes and closing price are correct, but the value used in the ‘Statement of Assets’ and shown as the ‘Quote’ is incorrect (this persists even if I update a particular security; the data is shown correctly in the chart and historical quotes for a security but this is not reflected in the ‘Quote’ used by PP).

I’ve found that deleting the latest price fixes the issue, but hopefully this doesn’t recur.

It will as soon as Yahoo Finance again stops delivering “current (latest)” quotes while continuing to deliver historical quotes. (I’d always recommend using a different source.)

Thanks for the explanation. I’m glad to understand the mechanism because I’ve been using Portfolio Performance for three years now, and it has only recently been an issue, so I was concerned that perhaps my portfolio.xml file had an issue.

I’ve seen that issue reported frequently but I’ve never noticed it since I started using PP 2 years ago. Is it random or persistent once it occurs? I imagine it might not be immediately apparent that quotes have stopped updating.

Something between. Yahoo’s data providers could for instance temporarily stop the delivery , Yahoo could adjust their API interface or implement a new technology to prevent content grabbing. On the other hand, you get what you paid for :wink:

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