Price not updated for 0P0001LAO7.F

Good afternoon,

I would like to get your help with a fund that I have registered in my PP account and which has stopped updating its price.

I have already confirmed that the fund has not changed its ISIN and that everything is the same.

Thanks in advance.

Let me guess, you are using Yahoo Finance as source and the latest price is as of 25th October 2023. Try as web download instead.

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Exactly, 25th oct…
Can you tell me how that is made?

Well, Yahoo’s latest quote is the 25th October:

Yes, i got there. I was asking how can i change de source to

Oh, I see. You have a source providee named HTML table; Tabela em um site; Tabla en sitio web where you could download the quote data from the URL. Perhaps the data could be imported.

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Problem solved!
Thanks Rafa!