Price per share in transaction


I tried to search a solution but didn’t find any info. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t understand how is the “per share” sum displayed calculated…

I enter a new “buy” line :
Quote price : 39 420€
Fees 0.09€


What Portfolio display for quote price is : 39420,19

It’s frustrating, I bought it at 39420 and not 39420,19

If I make a new line with :
Quote price : 39420€
Fees 30

I thought the price displayed was a calculus with the fees but in this case with the same amount bought and the fee to 30€, it’s still display the quote price as 39420.19€
is it a bug ?


Why is that ?

I just saw that it did the same thing for olds lines; this one was bought at 36175 and it display 36174,87…



thanks for help :face_with_head_bandage:


the quote is probably calculated by sum / shares.

The problem is that Euro only knows 2 decimal places. You can’t have bought 0,00088787 shares for 39420,00 €, because 0,00088787 x 39.420,00€ are not equal to 35,00€, which results in 34,9998354. Therefore PP always recalculates the quote, so that the calculations are correct.

The priority must be that the number of purchased pieces and the entry price are correct later, otherwise you would have differences with the broker. The purchase price is then calculated:

35,00 / 0,00088787 = 39.420,185387 = 39.420,19


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Hey Demky,

@Jo92 said it all. Please keep in mind that 19 Cents on 39420 EUR are 0,0005 per cent.

Have fun

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