Prices for pension fund not available on Yahoo Finance

Dear all,

I have one more question. I am trying to add my pension fund, so I can track how it is performing.
The ISIN is QS0000003561, which does not exist in Yahoo Finance, but the quotes are published on the website of the manager of the fund (Amundi) and on main newspapers.

Is there a way to add the security?

The quotes are updated twice a month, and I only contribute once a month. I can download all the transactions as csv from my private area, so there is no need to have a daily update.

Thank you in advance.



Hi Dario,

you can add the security manually (All Securities --> + --> Create new instrument…

Just put in the name and whatever data you have and you have the security as plain as it is.

Best regards

Thank you. It worked. When I tried, I inserted the ISIN, gave me an error and could not go further…