Printing Reports

Hi @ PP

PP is an extremely useful tool to keep tabs on my finances. However one area that I do find a little weak is the report printing via CSV export.

Since I have need (for Tax purposes) to print out various reports, currently it does take a long time to format each report so that it “makes it pretty”.

I wonder if if others find this as I do and how they get round this issue?

I have created LibreOffice Calc and XLSX and ODS sheets as a sort of templates but formatted in a manner that is presentable and readable with the intention of copying CSV exports to the xlsx and ODS sheets.

Unfortunately I cannot achieve this because the formatting changes to some extent after copying the data. Any help would be appreciated in solving this.

Thank you

The quickest and easiest I can think of (at least as long as native printing isn’t available) would be screenshots.

Everything else requires way more time and individual adjustments.


Generally if you mention the word tax in relation to PP the response is PP doesn’t do tax so you are on your own. The reality is the objective of making the data open and accessible means the data you need for tax reporting is held in PP so it is the obvious place to source it.

How about providing sample report(s) for discussion based on the Kommer sample file portfolio? The file is easily accessible under Help, Welcome, Samples.

A style sheet might do what you want in LibreOffice Calc.

Basic (read-only) REST API by oxisto · Pull Request #2478 · portfolio-performance/portfolio · GitHub could offer a much better solution.