Problems showing Latest Price in securities

I’m having a few problems with getting the ‘Latest Price’ to show next to the chart in my securities. I have copied an image showing a stock - British American Tobacco - where I am pulling the latest price from Yahoo Finance. It shows the Latest price (GBX 2,602) in the data columns, but that price along with the other metrics (Day’s High, Volume etc.) seems to be missing.

Am I missing something or do I need to do something else to show this information?

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(p.s. as an aside I also seem to have lost the ‘home’ tab where you can open the example portfolios - is there an easy way to get this back?)

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I have a similar issue, my latest price for all securities shows me data for the 4th May… I’m not sure how I can make this pick up the actual latest price shown in the main window…
Screenshot 2023-06-23 at 09.43.48

Well, Yahoo has shutdown the API who is providing these data.

Yes - open the Help menu, then click the 6th item from the top (probably Welcome).

As for the prices - Yahoo is still providing historical data, which is usually current up to the previous trading day (or even the same day if you refresh late enough, i.e. after the market close). If you really need updated prices throughout the day you’ll have to change the security’s “quote feed (latest)” data source to one that provides intraday data.

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Hi Melita - many thanks on how to open the Welcome page. On the Yahoo prices, I am managing to obtain the historical prices, my issue is that this data is not being pulled into the box next to the price chart (see image in my original post) - or if the data is there it’s out of date (as per Rupert’s post above). As Rafa mentions, this might be due to a shutdown of the Yahoo API or similar. My question to this forum - is there a solution or work around to get the latest Yahoo data next to the chart? Thanks

That’s because that box isn’t for historical prices, it is for the Latest Price (not the same as the latest historical price).

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I also have a problem with the automatic update of prices. Since November I have no update.
Yesterday i tried to add a new security (VWCE ETF) and it was not found.

What can be the cause of this?

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Which version of PP you are using?
Which OS you are using?
Which java version? (i think in the PP-Windowsversion is java included)

Kapersky, McAfee or other antivirus-stuff on board?

Do you use your own internet or do you use a VPN (possibly your employer’s)?


Kaspersky endpoint security for windows…i use PP on my employer’s PC and internet.

Do you think this info is being blocked?

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Please try a PP installation on a private PC, without VPN over the employer’s network.