Purchase price per share on securities list?

HI. Super Software first of all.
I cant find in Settings ( Cogwheel) on the securities list screen the option to add a column to list the purchase price of a share or quantity bought. Should be simple as data is there but I cant find it.

Also, the Historical prices from YahooFinance seem to work on some shares but not on many others. Any ideas why please ?
Have pasted a screen shot but not sure it has come through properly. Used a snipping tool.
Thank you for any help

It’s not a property of the security but needs to be computed. So look under Reports › Securities (or whatever it is called in English).

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Hallo Chirlu
Thank you for taking the time to reply. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have indeed found the purchase price listed where you said, in Reports / Securities.
Not wishing to argue, but I would have thought the purchase price was a property of the security, in as much as it happened once, at purchase, and will not change with time… also the number of units held would be useful, but that doesn’t seem to be available on either the Reports / securities or in the Securities / All Securities list…but still, maybe it will appear there one day.

Now all I have to do is to find out why some securities don’t bring their price history forward when Quote Feed is set up. Strange.

Hi @niedernsill

I am not sure whether I understood your issue completely so please forgive me if my answer is complete nonsens for you.
But if your problem is the lack of historical prices you could try using different symbols. I own some of the papers you have in stock myself and get all the prices from yahoo finance.
For 7c solarparken, for example, the symbol HRPK works fine for me. For ProcterGable I use PRG and for Unilever it´s UNVB - each followed by the abbreviation of the trading place (In Germany .F for Frankfurt Stock exchange, .DE for Xetra,…) - Perhaps there is one for your region, too?

Best regards

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Hello Melanie.
Thanks also for your helpful words.
Yes my problem is getting the historical prices and I will try your suggestions tomorrow because I must shut down for today.

Where does one get this piece of magical information that you need to add the trading place abbreviation after the symbol ( eg UNVB.DE) ? There isn’t a manual is there ? ( I probably wouldn’t read it till I got into trouble anyway). I have got all my information by watching some YouTube presentations.

This may also cure the problem that I have bought shares in € but the quoted price is in $.

will try tomorrow. Goodnight :sleeping:

Hello Niedernsill,

I found it in a drop down menu (right mouse button on security, “edit”):

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Best regards and goodnight :sleeping_bed:

Hello Melanie.
I have finally got back on my computerand tried your suggestions, but for me they seem not to work ( although I have got results for some of my other holdings as shown on my first screen shot).
I have tried HRPK.DE on 7C Solarparken and get no historical date.
The Value HRPK.DE gets written through to Historische Kurse but I dont have the options of the various Stockmarkets that you show. when I try the dropdown menu I get only the Symbol HRPK.DE
The same with UNILEVER.

It is strange that some work and others dont, and I dont get tha option of the Drop down stockmarkets.
Any other ideas please ?

Hello Niedernsill,

hm, that’s strange. Did you accidently check the inactive-box?

Are you running the actual version of PP?

I fear I’m running out of good Ideas.

Have a nice day!

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Hi Melanie
Thanks for all your help. I should have checked. I was not running the current version, I had version 0.31.1 instead of the 0.56.1 , so a long way behind.
Since an update most of the historical values come through when I select the Stock market.

Some still dont, but maybe they will update in a day or so.

Super thanks again for your help to a newbie to PP.