Quotes for Malaysian warrants

Hi, I am a new user. I’ve started using this software a few months ago and I’ve slowly begun to familiarize myself with its various functions. So far, I can get the quotes almost items except for Malaysia warrants, which were not available through any of the major providers.

But I found out that I can import the price feed through a table on a website, and thus I started using the one on this site:

However a few weeks ago I found out that the price was not updating anymore because they have paywalled the historical price table.

The only other available historical price table can be found here:

But I am unable to import the table to the software.

Is there any way the price can be imported to the software?

Hi, I’ve managed to figure out an alternative solution to the problem. After googling for quite some time, I found another website that provides the historical price table. It can be found here:

The price is slow to update(the previous website updates 1-2 hours after closing time, this one seems to take a bit longer than that), but currently it is the best alternative so far as it loads the historical prices without any problems in Portfolio Performance.