Quotes for SPIE SA


I’m new to Portfolio.

i’m trying to add a securities, but when done, the value stay at null.

how can I fix it ?

It worked when I added TOTAL or FDJ but it’s not working for SPIE SA

Screenshot :

The actual values for SPIE SA:

thank you for your time

The symbol for SPIE SA is SPIE.PA if you want it from Paris in EUR,
see SPIE (SPIE.PA) Stock Price, News, Quote & History - Yahoo Finance

thank you for your answner.

it’s not possible add Securities by ISIN ?
When I search inside Portfolio SPIE by it’s ISIN, I have only one choice :

If I Edit the Symbol with the one you told me :

I obtain the same result :

What do I do wrong ?

Just a question, did you’ve enabled the download of historical quotes?

I didn’t activate anything.
I just installed Portfolio to try it.
every settings are by default, I will check if I see something.

When I’ve seen that TOTAL and FDJ look ok, I thought Portfolio was working without changing setting

When I seach by Symbol, it works.

I thought ISIN was better, the website I follow don’t show the Symbol :frowning:

thank you

Dear Demky,

you basically can put into the settings of a security anything you like. You even can rename your security completely.
Internally you can address the security thru the ISIN, e.g. in case you want to scan bank documents automatically. And the ISIN in fact is unique to the security.

For the download of (historical) quotes, however, PP takes the symbol. With the symbol you can direct PP to the stock exchange you want to get the quotes from, and even the currency in some cases.
For SPIE you can get the quotes from Paris with the symbol SPIE.PA, for the same security you can get the quotes from Berlin with 4SP.BE, or from the NASDAQ in USD (!Watch out for the currency settings for the security! The numbers PP obtains from stock exchanges are currencyless, i.e. just numbers and get their currency through your settings.) by the symbol SPIWF.

I hope this helps

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is there is an easy tip to find the symbol of something?

I don’t find the symbol for : “Française des jeux” ISIN: FR0013451333

I do not understand your question. In the first picture the ISIN and the symbol are stated.

And in your search, the symbol is also there. You chose the stock exchange (Paris or Vienna) … which you still can change in the edit security dialogue.

Ok thank you, I don’t know, I thought it wasn’t the same as the one I track on boursedirect (the website linked).

In case it was the same, I expected the ISIN (FR0013451333) to be automatically written in the result table (red circle)

sometimes the infomation is not complete