Realized Capital Gains confuses gains and losses when short selling

In version 0.45 onwards, short selling & covering either shows the wrong value (losses become gains or gains become losses) or don’t show up under the Realized Capital Gains at all.

Could you kindly post a screenshot of the trade view where you assume a wrong calculation? It’s also helpful if you could post the underlying transactions in trading sequence.

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Hi, please see the attached image.

Both are 0 holdings and have been covered.
In 0.44, the calculation shows the correct value while 0.45 onwards shows me the wrong value or doesn’t show up at all. I have more transactions that are messed up but these 2 are the ones that are easier to see.

In fact as short selling is not supported it doesn’t surprise me that you get wrong results. PP is not designed to handle negative stocks. That’s why you get a warning if the stock falls below zero.

Downgrade to v0.44 and turn updates off. I did the same. 'Delta (since first transaction)' different in chart and dashboard

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Yes, I am also using v0.44 now.
Its really unfortunate because this my favorite portfolio tracker that I have found so far.