Receiving dividends in different currency than the security

Hi all,

I have one ETF, namely IBTS, that is traded in EUR but pays dividends in USD. I use Interactive Brokers and I directly import the activity flex query into Portfolio Performance. However, this is the error I get:

The cash transaction itself seems to be in USD (as expected):

<CashTransaction accountId="REDACTED" acctAlias="" model="" currency="USD" fxRateToBase="0.85004" assetCategory="STK" symbol="IBTS" description="IBTS(IE00B14X4S71) CASH DIVIDEND USD 0.5441 PER SHARE (Mixed Income)" conid="39992906" securityID="IE00B14X4S71" securityIDType="ISIN" cusip="" isin="IE00B14X4S71" listingExchange="AEB" underlyingConid="" underlyingSymbol="" underlyingSecurityID="" underlyingListingExchange="" issuer="" multiplier="1" strike="" expiry="" putCall="" principalAdjustFactor="" dateTime="20210324;202000" settleDate="20210324" amount="5.44" type="Dividends" tradeID="" code="" transactionID="146013111" reportDate="20210325" clientReference="" levelOfDetail="DETAIL" />

How do you deal with multiple account currencies when you import an Interactive Brokers flex query report? On my side, it all goes against the EUR cash account.

To my knowledge there is no automated way. I guess you’ll need to enter them manually. There is a currency converter under General Data - Currencies.