Record profits without typing all the transactions?

Hi all, I am loving this app so far, it’s great! Even for being from the US, this is the best app I have found so far, being very flexible!

Now, I have some accounts that are very old where I don’t want to import all the transactions one by one. I’d like to still find out the rough performance. What would be the recommended method for this?

I was thinking of entering the deposits and withdrawals and just input the end of months profit or losses using the interest category. Would be fine? Any other better way?


Hey Perig,

Personally I think this will not work properly. Interests is „real“ money coming to you or going away from you. Stock prices only indicate a virtual value until you realized losses or gains.

If this helps you, there is an imprt function from csv files. If you prepare your transactions properly they can be imported rather quickly.

Stay save and have a good time

Thanks for your answer. I have possibly thousand transactions including dividends, drip reinvestment in 401k, etc. that are only in statements. I didn’t feel like spending the time to record all this, it would take me days of work.

I tried with the method above and although you are right that it’s not realized gains, it seems to be working alright for this as it works as if I sold all my positions and bought them back at the end of each months and that’s fine for me for these older transactions.

I don’t include taxes in there so I don’t think it messes up the overall return calculations.