Recording a spin off transaction

I hope I’m not the only one that struggles to record a spin off transaction in PP. I know there’s been topics before on this (especially in the German forum) but could someone post an idiot proof guide for the steps to take? I’ve tried to take the advice given in the other threads but it’s not entirely clear on the step/steps to perform.

My situation is:

  • Purchased 116 shares of BAM (five separate purchases over a couple of years)
  • Sold 116 shares of BAM @ 43.15 USD for 4,851.23 EUR
  • Purchased 116 shares of BN @ 43.15 USD for 4,851.23 EUR
  • Purchased 29 shares of BAM @ 0.00 USD

Whatever I’ve tried doesn’t seem to tie back to what I’m seeing in Degiro. I’ve translated some of the German posts so maybe something is lost in translation…

Appreciate any help here, thanks.


Please post any screenshots related to the process.

CU, Laura

Hey buddy, sorry to say,

but why should a second try to the same topic lead to different answers?

Your initial thread basically contains all needed information.

Please bear with me and don’t mind :slight_smile:



Sure. So I read that you should book the proceeds as a dividend, which I’ve done so here. But where do I go from here? One comment mentions to invest a dividend equal to the opening price of the new share and buy it. How exactly do I record this?

I just find all the back and forth in the other threads confusing. It would be nice to have a simple step by step process on how to record this in PP. You say it basically contains all the information needed but I personally don’t find it to be clear and understandable.


The general procedure is as follows:

  • Booking cash dividends in the value of the new shares allotted
  • Purchase the corresponding number of allocated shares from the booked amount

If all parameters are entered correctly, the result should also be correct.

If you would like to continue the discussion, please follow @Sn1kk3r5 s advice and use the appropriate thread:

Brookfield Asset Management

THX, cheers, Laura