Reduce time needed for start-up

Hi @ PP Forum

I am using PP Portable and the Splash Screen takes a long time before it goes away. Is it possible to reduce the length of time of visibility of the splash screen

Thank you

Which screen are you referring to?

I have no waiting time on my mobile’s.

Screenshots might be useful, though.



I don’t think he means the mobile app, but the portable version of PP.

CU, Laura

I think he is referring to the loading screen at the beginning of the normal application.

You could try to improve your Java settings. There is a german thread, but the important informations should be understandable for everybody:

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Hi Jo92

You are right I was referring to the load (splash screen) at the beginning of the normal application.

I will have a look at the thread although it might be a bit above my pay grade.

I thank you and everyone who responded in this thread


If you’re currently using the XML-based file format to store your portfolio data, try the binary file format instead (File → Save As … ). I used to have similar load time issues, and switching file formats had a more noticeable impact than changing Java settings.

Hi Melita

Thanks for that.