Report to show performance per holding


Firstly, thank you for a great application, it is filling a large gap in the portfolio management area.

I am having difficulty to find a report that shows the performance per holding (share/EFT/fund). Under reports there are options to show the distribution of holdings as percentage of total portfolio (under statement of assets) and under performance the profit/loss is shown in absolute amount (EUR) but not as a percentage increase/decrease of the holding value. E.g. if I have EUR10000 invested in a share and the increase is EUR1000 over the defined period, the percentage performance should be shown as +10%.

Maybe I am looking in the wrong area so would appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction.


A lot of information is initially hidden. For example look at Reports - Statement of assets. Now click on the wheel in top right corner. On the drop down you’ll find Performance where you can add several performance indicators.

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