Restore accidentally deleted portfolio

I thought I backed up my Portfolio Performance folder while doing a clean windows install, I (falsely) assumed I backed up my portfolio, but I just backed up the software folder which was in Onedrive. Hence, all my portfolio data seems lost :sob:

I am running advanced data recovery tools, and look for the location where my portfolio was saved C:\Users\username\portfolio.xml

However, I do not seem to have any luck so far.

Do you guys know for another place while some data might be saved, for example an autorecovery file? Or is some data being loaded in the registry, or something that will be moved to the recycle bin when closing the software? There’s a fair chance I can access files in the recycle bin, as they could be in OneDrive as well.

Thanks a lot in advance for your ideas!

PP does write two backup files, but they are written to the same directory as the original file. I’m not sure how they are named under Windows.

Thank you for your reply! I’ve actually seen these files before formatting my disk… I was just so confident that the portfolio was securely stored on my desktop! I feel so dumb now… I have found many files in the saved recycle bin but it seems that those are old files that were replaced while updated Portfolio Performance. The data recovery tool I ran was also not able to find the file. I guess I should start building my portfolio over again :frowning:

Unfortunately the clean Windows install overwrote areas of the disk so any recovery tool is unlikely to yield anything useful. Not much help now but next time maybe back up the disk first? :thinking: