Retrieve daily prices for Portuguese fund

I´m trying recently portfolio performance and i´m loving it.
I need to retrieve daily price of this fund, but i can´t get it in PP:

Can you please help me?
Thank you in advance.

LP60090725 | Alves Ribeiro Ppr/oicvm - Fundo De Investimento Mobiliário Aberto De Poupança Reforma Historische Daten - should work. You can import older prices with the csv on the same site.

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Thank you for your help in advance but doesn´t get always the last price, and sometimes the price is wrong.
Is it possible to get daily price in PP from this source?
Detalhe Fundo de Investimento

Thank you again for your help

I don’t know exactly, but I see no chance.

is better than

I would like the price with 4 decimal digits.
And i only can get it in this 2 websites:


Does your life depend on 4 decimal places?

If so, set up a proxy that produces readable results for PP from web pages with 4 decimal places. There are many examples of such proxies on the net, and there are also some here in the forum.

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