Retrieve data from Degiro via inofficial API

Hello everybody,
great application, thank you!
There is an unofficial API that can be used to access a great amount of data directly accessing a degiro account and potentially even to run orders.
The project is here below:

Would it be feasible to integrate somehow in the PP features (e.g. automatic portfolio and account update, historical data retrieval etcetera)?

Vielen dank un gruße aus Italien!

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There are two problems IMHO that would prevent PP from supporting this:

  1. It’s an unofficial API, so you can’t rely on it in any way. Moreover, if DEGIRO has not published this API, it may be against their TOS or even some law to use it.
  2. Because it’s not officially supported by DEGIRO there’s will be a lot of effort to keep this working at all.

The repo you linked is a python project, whereas PP is based on java, so it would require a rewrite of that library to start.

I would like to see some integration as well for DEGIRO, but I don’t think this should be it.

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