Retrieve online data without JSON format

Hello !

Let’s say I want to import this dataset into Portfolio Performance:
How can I do it since it is not in the standard json format?


Hello @Wick,

as the results ends as a CSV-File, I would propose the following guide:


Hello !

Thanks for your quick answer.

However I want it to be automatized, I guess if I do it manually I would have to do it every day if I want it to be up to date am I right?

Same answer like in Import data from http - #17 by ProgFriese

Hello @ProgFriese !

Thanks a lot for your answer but I’m a bit novice in the Programming world, and I’ll mostly use the app from my phone so If I have to run your code each time I want to go to PP (I don’t really how it would work tbh) that won’t be a convenient solution :confused:

Is there any other way to use a csv instead of json without creating a code outside ouf PP?

Thanks again

Not automatically.