Reverse split and compensation


the 31 august 2023, AIR FRANCE-KLM quote got merged : 10 old quotes became 1.

My main question is How am I supposed to manage this event ?

I had 23 quotes.

  • 20 of my quote became 2 quote
  • I received +4.29€ (compensation for the 3 not mergeable quotes).

How I did manage it :

  • I created a SELL transaction for the 3 extra quotes (4.29e)

  • then “New Stock Split” > 1 for 10 ( option convert transaction)
    it transformed my “Buy transaction” to 2 instead of 20

Now my graph looks like that :

it’s a bit weird, is there is a better solution ?

Also the ISIN stay the same so I didn’t need to change the setting of the Quote but there is an error in quote price for the 7 august 2023, can I manually fix that ?
ISIN : FR0000031122

thank you