Same stock bought in two different accounts

I am buying the same stock for both myself and my childrens savings. I do not want the childrens part of the stocks to count in the value of my own portfolio. I use Taxonomies to group the securities. I can put the stock in two different groups and then add a percentage weight for how much it should count in each group. However, that figure will change on a monthly basis depending on whether I buy more stocks. Is there another way to make sure that the same security / stock only counts with the correct value?

Hey Isolesen,

for instance, you could use the same security with two different names and use each name in one portfolio. Yes, you have to book the names individually for each portflio this way.

In my case I only use one security with one designated classification and at the analytics/ charts I’m filtering on the individual account. May this could be a different option…

It might be the solution creating the same more times. I will look into that.