Scalable Capital savings plan in Portfolio Performance


I’m french and i’m so sorry for my not very good English :innocent:

I would like open an account on Scalable Capital and invest in a savings plan.

Do you know Scalable Capital and savings plans ?

Is it possible to know the number of shares purchased automatically in a savings plan ? To add to the portfolio performance.

Thank you !


The number is determined by the purchase price and is automatically calculated by PP. You have to compare this with your billing statement and possibly correct it.

Best regards, Laura

I use the savings plan myself at Scalable Capitel and like it very much. You can easily add/delete/change a plan whenever you want.

The plans are based on an amount of money and not on number of shares. You will get parts of whole (x,xxx) shares after the plan has been executed.

Import in PP is very easy with the pdf-import function.

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Dear Olenka,

The most important thing for saving plans is the rate you invest per saving (and fees) and the exact amount of shares you buy.

In PP you can automate the saving plan bookings with date and invest per saving. Since PP calculates the amount of shares from an online price you have to edit every automated bookings to fullfill my first sentence.

Note: there is a quite good online translation called There you can phrase in French and get quite good translations in e.g. German

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Hello everyone

Thank you I understand better.

I sent an email to Scalable Capital support. Transactions information for savings plans is found in the transaction tab.

Hi @Olenka

In addition to this, when you import your billing statement from the particular buy, PP will auto. adjust the number of purchased shares and it’s price.
The importer will show you an exclamation mark during import, saying the values will be adjusted.



Thank you. I may open a Scalable Capital account soon, so I’ll do some tests.