Schedule Stock Split in the future

Hi everyone,

If there is a stock split happening in a weeks time, can I enter it into PP today (with an ex-date in the future) so that my data will stay as normal until that date and then the changes take effect? Or should I wait until the actual date that it happens?

Since this is destructive on the database, I don’t want to „assume“ anything.

Many thanks

Applying a split is a one-time action: All the existing data about prices and transactions is changed to make it look as if the split had never happened. E.g., when you bought 10 shares for € 8 each and a 1:2 split occurs, it will appear as if you bought 20 shares for € 4 each. Obviously, prices and transactions that aren’t there yet, can’t be changed. So it isn’t a good idea to enter splits in advance. (Personally, I wouldn’t use the split feature in its current form at all.)