"Search Tab" in Report section

Hi everyone!

first of all I want to congratulate you on the excellent program.

I would kindly ask you if it was possible to implement the search tab also in the reports section:

as I can already do in the securities section:

I would appreciate very much …

Thank you all.

Sorry makes no sense for me in the statement of assets report, because it is an overview. If you want to analyze one asset I advise to use the securities report, there you can “search” by keyboard strokes.


Hello jo62

How do we do?
Can you detail the operation



if you are in a list just start typing to find a security.


Thank you very much jo62 for the feedback.
The solution would be great for me.

The problem is that starting to type to find a security to me works only if the string to be highlighted is in the first column (constraint that I easily solved) and starts with the characters I am typing.

On the other hand, I cannot search anywhere in the string.
Am I wrong to do something?
I could maybe use some wildcard characters (for example “GOLD”?

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No that is unfortunately not possible. This type of search is more like a workaround, but it helps in most cases.

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Thanks anyway for the feedback.