Security has changed ISIN

Some of my investments has changed ISIN because the investment division created a new version for the investement handled by the bank to use. So it went from:

BankInvest Virksomhedsobligationer HY A → BankInvest Virksomhedsobligationer HY A|DK0060461424
BankInvest Virksomhedsobligationer HY W → Afkast|BankInvest Virksomhedsobligationer HY W|ISIN:DK0060822971

They were not sold or anything. The papers just switched ISIN from one statement to the next

  • and with no information from the bank.

What is the best way to handle this switch in PP? What is the best way to make the switch in PP - should I sell and buy? Should I just take all the old buys and convert them to using the new ISIN? Should I just rename the security and pretend nothing happened?

Hey Isolesen,

did anything alse change as well, such as the Symbol? If only the ISIN changed you seem to be able to just edit the security.

Thanks. I ended up selling and buying,so I could have both versions represented. They also had different TER.