Selling stock doesn't increase deposit account

I have manually entered the transactions in my portfolio. I have double-checked the entered data several times, and it is correct.

However, I notice that my deposit account is in the negative. In investigating the issue, I have found that the deposits are correct, and so are the removals. When I buy a stock, it deducts the money from this account (all correct). However, when I sell a stock, that money never goes to the deposit account.

That’s why it’s in the negative. It decreases when I remove money or buy a stock, but it only increases when I deposit money, not when I sell a stock. Do you know where the error might be and how to correct it?

Thank you.

Is the transaction date in the future?

No, the transaction dates are correct.

Kindly post a screenshot of your transactions. But I guess you’ve issued a wrong transaction type instead of a sell. Because their exist a specific transaction type who does not harm your deposit account.

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