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Hello everyone, I’m initiating this thread to invite you to share your bookmark templates here.

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Here are my bookmarks:
Requirement: Create Instruments’ attributes Exchange, AExchange where AExchange means an alternative exchange symbol. For example: AIR.PA would have Exchange to be EPA and AExchange to be PAR. Maybe it can be done intelligently :slight_smile:

Search engines

  • Yahoo Finance:{tickerSymbol}
  • Google Finance (with key events):{tickerSymbolPrefix}:{Exchange}?window=MAX
  • MSN Money:{AExchange,Exchange}+{tickerSymbolPrefix}


  • Trading View:{tickerSymbolPrefix}

  • Nasdaq:{tickerSymbolPrefix}
  • New York Stock Exchange [NYSE]:{tickerSymbolPrefix}
  • Australian Stock Exchange [ASX]:{tickerSymbolPrefix}
  • Nepal Stock Exchange [NEPSE] (I chose WKN as a URL ID of a company):{wkn}
  • Euronext (Amsterdam):{isin}-XAMS
  • Euronext (Paris):{isin}-XPAR
  • Frankfurt Stock Exchange [XETRA]:{isin}
  • London Stock Exchange:{isin}

News sites

  • Australian Financial Review (ASX):{Exchange}/{tickerSymbolPrefix}
  • The Market Online (ASX):{tickerSymbolPrefix}
  • Morning Star:{Exchange}/{tickerSymbolPrefix}/quote
  • Financial Times:{tickerSymbolPrefix}:{AExchange,Exchange}
  • Share Sansar (NEPSE):{tickerSymbol}
  • Online Khabar (NEPSE):{tickerSymbol}
  • Nepali Paisa (NEPSE):{tickerSymbol}
  • Nepse Alpha:{tickerSymbol}
  • Mero Lagani (NEPSE):{tickerSymbol}

  • Reddit:{name}+({tickerSymbolPrefix})+Stock
  • Fin Viz (US):{tickerSymbolPrefix}
  • Hot Copper (ASX):{Exchange}/{tickerSymbolPrefix}

  • DivvyDiary:{isin}
  • Tracking Differences:{isin}

I’ll continue expanding my list here, and I invite you to share your bookmarks as well. I appreciate any suggestions, comments, or constructive criticism on my version of bookmark templates!

Bookmarks shared in this thread:


here is some more European stuff

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I was oblivious to this thread :blush: Thanks!

@drhere Hi, Great initiative!

In the manual, I introduced a very incomplete section named Financial Terminology some time ago. Is it an idea to add your list of bookmarks there? They sometimes get lost in the forum after a while due to the amount of posts. What do you think?

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Appreciated @hug-sch !

I keep updating (or improving or modifying) the list repeatedly as sometimes the template may not work for some stocks. If you can hyperlink this post to the PP documentation then, I can quickly make changes here and people can easily update their side by looking at the edit history. Also, users can contribute their bookmarks too.

To avoid getting lost within this post, I plan to add “Bookmarks shared in this thread:” at the end of the main thread.

Any thoughts?

Yes, it’s possible to link this post in the manual. I will do that instead. Thanks.


P.S: Just realize today that I could not able to edit the main thread. Do you know the reason?

Flag it ask the mod to make it a wiki

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Great! Done!