Short selling and dividend

I replicate short selling by selling the stocks first and then after some time buying them again.
The issue start when this stock paying some dividend so I have a line with negative dividend payment.
How can I simulate a negative dividend?

This implied that you have to pay the dividend?

Yes, but it is still a positive dividend per share, just multiplied by a negative number of shares.

Generally speaking, short selling is not officially supported in PP.

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I tried to do this, but after saving it is reset the dividend per share to be zero

This is the dividend transaction:

and this is after I saved it

As @chirlu mentioned, PP is not designed for short selling. So it’s not working as you’re require.

But he said that I can write positive dividend and multiple by negative shares, so I want to make sure that it is not my mistake or something that I did not understand.
Thank you all for helping me!

Seems to be like a two in one answer…

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I really don’t understand what you want to say


@Rafa and @chirlu want to say the following:

  • PP is not suitable for short sales and covering purchases. It is therefore not a good idea to try to do this by force.

You should conduct these types of transactions on suitable platforms. If you want to reflect the results of your short sales and covering purchases in PP with reference to your portfolio, do so via an appropriate account.

CU, Laura

Ok, thank you.
Do you know any platform that support these types of transactions?

I saw you are a contributor, if I will fix this issue, so negative dividend will be allow, can it be merged, or not because PP will no support it?


I use the platform of my broker.

CU, Laura

Hi Amit,

Any help is always highly welcome and appreciated.

Never the less all PR’s must be consistent and well implemented, therefore an upfront alignment can avoid frustration and double work.

Pull Request in githup → Pull requests · portfolio-performance/portfolio · GitHub

General Discussions out side the forum here: Issues · portfolio-performance/portfolio · GitHub


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I used my broker too, but now I am investing in multiple platforms, so I want to view all my investments in one place


I don’t know of any platform on which you can combine short trades with different brokers.

PP is focused on managing a buy and hold, long only portfolio. I map short sales / covering purchases and day trading in PP via accounts.

CU, Laura

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I would treat the dividend as a fee. Same as the lending fee itself that you also have to pay.

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