Show current drawdown

Hi everybody

I’ve been using Portfolio Performance for a few weeks and I was wondering if is there any way to show the current drawdown of an asset and also for the whole portfolio.



Hi jorfermo,

“drawdown” sounds like you’ve put assets such as private investment funds into PP, which I did with a couple of issues/ questions - still working on it. Or is it something else?

Thanks for your answer. Not sure if I used the right term for it.

What I mean is displaying how far you are from the highest price.

If an asset reached $100 and now it’s $80 display 20% DD. Both for individual assets and whole portfolio

If you go to Reports → Securities, there you can display Max Drawdown and Max Drawdown duration, but that’s over the selected period. I would like to display “Current Drawdown” and ideally also “Current Drawdown duration”

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There is currently no widget for that.

Ah, what a shame :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there any place to request new features?

Well, you already did; but there is no guarantee anybody will take it up.