Show Management Fee in fees report


How to use Management Fee feature? I set it to %, but it is not displayed in fees reports

Hey igors2086,

the management fee is an attribute to a security. You can display it as additionaly information in selected security listings or you can sort after it, however, it does not calculate any bookings for you.

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Thank you so much!

Seems can be addresses as feature request on GitHub then

Please feel free, it’s up to you. But what will be the benefits for PP, this should be mentioned if you create a feature request.

But you are aware that the costs are already priced in the share price. If you display the costs again, you would see them twice.

My broker takes additional OCS 0.15% for some ETFs annualy.

If your broker invoicing them as annual fee, you need to create an accordingly fee booking at your side manually. This cannot be calculated due to different methods like high watermark or similar.


as Ragas said, you need to book such fee manually.
If the broker charges the fee it is not quite a management fee as anticipated in the Attribute section of the security which is more an internal fee you never really see appearing as a number.