Show profit/loss for each individual transaction inside the same security (for tax optimization)

Hi all.

As you know, in most countries you typically only pay taxes on the profits of each investment, and you can compensate the profits with the losses of other purchases.

That means if I have a purchase that is currently losing 100€ and another transaction that is currently winning 100€, I can withdraw both of them together and I will pay no taxes, since the net profit will be zero.

For me, tracking profits and losses of individual purchases was one of the main drivers to start using PP.

However, when you own multiple shares of the same asset, I don’t know how to see their individual profit/loss separately?

As you can see in the picture, the app recognizes that I’ve made multiple purchases inside each of my two assets, but it only displays them grouped and I can only see the aggregated profit/loss for all of them.

If I hover over the “i” icon, I can temporarily see a quick list of the individual transactions, but it doesn’t show the profit/loss for each of them anyway.

Is there any way to see the profit/loss of each individual purchase?