Show purchase price in quote currency

Hello! My first post here. Let me first say that PP is AWESOME! Kudos to everyone involved in it’s development.

There reason to post this topic is to suggest an option to show “Purchase Price” in the same currency as the “Quote”. Here is exactly what I mean: in the “Statement of Assets” section we can choose multiple columns to view different parameters for our assets. Naturally two of them are “Purchase Price” and “Quote”, next to each other. A (minor) problem arises for people like me who like to view their assets in one currency (BGN in my case) but the quotes are in another (EUR). Therefore, a direct comparison is not possible:
Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 13.24.40
I know I can change the currency of the whole section but then everything will be in a currency different from my home one. It would be nice if there is a column “Purchase Price in quote currency” (better name would be appreciated :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). This way I would be able with one look to evaluate the difference between purchase price and quote and still view the total in my preferred currency.
A column for quote in the selected currency is yet another option but given that this may differ from what we look at in broker sites, etc, I prefer the first option.

I know it’s a really minor thing but it should also be a minor development.

Thanks again for the great product!

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I fully agree with you: it’s a bit weird that purchase price is showed in home currency and quote in actual currency - because you cannot easily compare those values.

Maybe it could be handled by introducing a separate column type, if the developers do not want to change the default behaviour?

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If you compare purchase price and quote, you want to see the difference, right? Why not using the column that shows exactly this value? But I don’t know, if it it shows the difference per share or for your amount of shares. But then, why would a per share comparison of interest?

That’s not really the issue in my opinion. The absolute price difference per share is not very interesting in itself if there’s no reference point. If I want to see my performance, I’ll look at metrics such as absolute capital gain or TTWRR, for instance.

What is pointed out here is the inconsistency between the currency used for two columns which display the same info (unit share price) at different time points (“buy time” v/s “now”), making it impossible to relate them.

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ok, I see your point.

but if you look elsewhere for your performance, then this issue of inconsistent currencies is more a cosmetic one, right?

I guess you could say that, yes. As BurningAXE mentioned, it’s a minor inconsistency, not a critical bug. Though I did notice it before finding his thread so he’s not alone. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s a new feature or I never knew about this but I just found what I was looking for:

This shows the purchase price in the original currency which is the same as the quote currency and makes comparison easy:
Screenshot 2022-02-12 at 17.08.58