Size of performance chart on dashboard


@AndreasB added a link to this topic in the commit message at Make height of chart in dashboard configurable (within limits) · buchen/portfolio@0fc072b · GitHub and I have some feedback to share. I’m posting here because it seems that GitHub issues are not being monitored.

The new “Bigger” option for the dashboard charts is only slightly bigger, and like I originally requested on GitHub I would like the charts to be much larger.

Please, I would like to have an option to increase the height way beyond the current limit. Ideally the user can specify the height in pixels (just like with the separator widget), but 2x the current “Bigger” height would be acceptable too for my use.

Here’s an example of what “Bigger” currently looks like on my system:


I’ve posted a reply here about this feature, but it seems to have been deleted and I have not received a message about the reason for deletion.

Is this not the right place for feedback? I’ve tried GitHub issues, but that doesn’t appear to be monitored either.

It’s really frustrating to be actively ignored like this. Please send me a message instead of deleting this again.


Hi @Zr40 - too many messages, too little time. Sorry.

If I understand you right, the new “bigger” option on the Charts on the dashboard is actually not big enough. I see that I add more. Like 2x, 3x, 4x.

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how to implement it. I don’t want the user to enter a number of pixels. The “smaller” and “bigger” was a test balloon.


Suggestion @AndreasB : do small, medium, large, xl and xxl (cloth sizes) or you consider small, medium, large and advance (to enter zoom factor)

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Thank you for adding these new options. For the dashboard in the screenshot above, with two charts in the same column, I’ve ended up using the “3X” height. Now it’s easier to see the details of the charts when lines are close together, without having to leave the dashboard! :slight_smile: