Sometimes PP is Screwy

This is a general thread about things that don’t work as expected. Maybe they’ll be fixed with an enhancement request or just handled with a workaround. Let’s start:

Once PP is setup hopefully you can import contract notes and from time to time they will be for new securities. Here is a new security:


There is no default quote feed that would completely set up the security from the import. See Set Default Quote Feed Provider for New CSV Imported Securities #2333

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Use CSV import:

And edit the security:


The new security is Imported security: CSL. Updating the Quote Feed Provider updates the Symbol (Hmm, just imported Ticker Symbol and Security Name becomes Name). It would be nice to allow fields like Name, ISIN and WKN to be updated too.

Lets enter the dividend.


Right click security and select Dividend from the context menu. Number of shares is autopopulated but the tax credit of $0.75 is invalid so Gross distribution of 18.33 can not be calculated:


Let’s import it as CSV. Note the number of shares is not returned:

Every dividend transaction imported needs editing:


There is a drop-down to select the number of shares or a special dividend. The import should have defaulted to the number of shares like the gui.

It is worse with multiple accounts. See Auto select Shares from linked security account when manually adding dividends #2896