Spike in Statement of Assets chart

Hi. This strange thing happens. In the chart it messes all up and it sums my argentinian pesos assets with my us dollar assets as if they were the same currency.

In the following Image I show the details of one of my transactions in argentinian pesos and how I did the conversion.

What should I do? Thanks in advance.

The peso is not among those currencies for which the European Central Bank publishes exchange rates. You need to add a custom exchange rate with an appropriate data source (possibly Yahoo Finance?).

Mmmm Yahoo exchange rate is messed up. Can I add a custom exchange rate and update it myself?

Don’t seemed to be messed up.

It’s the official rate, but @Ale_Irurzun probably needs the unregulated rate.

Yes, you can. The same as any security.

Exactly, I need the market rate, not the official rate.

Now I made my custom exchange rate and added the current value but the chart still doesn’t work:

Do I have to update something else? The program thinks the transactions I did in pesos to be in dollars. Perhaps I should change something in this transaction window?

Sorry for my questions, I’m a new user

Can you show how that looks?


And then I added manually a historical quote:

Generally looks good. The single (manually added) historical quote is for before the first transaction?

Do you perhaps, from trying before, still have a second ARS currency rate “security”?

What happens when you use the currency converter to convert, say, 1000 ARS to USD? There is also an area at the bottom of the converter which shows where PP got the exchange rate from.

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Problem solved!

Yes I did

1000 ARS equaled 352000 dollar which is nonsense. I had to also invert the conversion value.

Thanks for your help! Now I can fully enjoy the app :slight_smile: