Spikes in historical graph

Hello, I have a problem with the historical evolution graph. There is a mismatch on a date that I cannot solve


You should review and correct the weak historical quotes for the indicated period, security by security.

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Was there a split at that date? If the adjustment of prices missed that date you see the old price. The solution is to change to the “History”-tab (not sure about the actual naming when using English as language), scroll down to the entry, double click onto the price and change it to the correct value manually.

I don’t see any errors in the historical quote, nor in splits. I am unable to see where this error that spoils my graph comes from.

can you post the historical quotes from June 1st thru June 15th 2022 of that security, please?

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It is not a value, it is the equity graph, portfolio + cash.I suppose that some security in my portfolio had a quote error on June 8 but everything is fine

Fine, that is what we tried to bring across

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It is now solved, it was an error with the TERRA quote.

Thanks for the answers.