Split currency effect from mark-to-market in performance metrics on dashboard

Hi !
I’m fairly new in Portfolio Performance so please excuse me if my question is stupid.

My base currency is CHF and I have several investments in EUR and USD.

Is there a way to split for non CHF assets the performance metrics by currency effect and mark-to-market instead of having a “all in one” number?

Thank you in advance for your anwer !


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Hey Cyril,

As you are being asked for the currency when you create a new PP file your PP file will be assigned to that currency.

One way I can think of is to carry the securities with a foreign currency twice. One with the currency of the security (EUR or USD) and the exchange dialogues, the other with pretending the security would be in CHF, hence populating the quotes with the currency of the security (EUR or USD). This feature could be manifested in the name of the security, e. g. “amazon” and “amazon-USD”

This way you can select the corresponding securities in your report and you have everything in one PP file.

Another solution can be having PP files for ech currency you want a currency correction for.

Thank you for your reply, it’s an interesting by-pass.

I’ve found a part of the metrics that I wanted, but only in the Performance → Security
Here I’m able to get the currency gains/Unralized gain on currency (but not the %).

Is there any way to suggest an improvement of the application?
For people working with mutiple currencies I think it’s really interesting to see if the performance of the security is due to a currency effect or if it’s the real performance of the asset.

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Hey Cyril,

the proper way for asking for a new feature is here in this forum (open a new thread for that).