Strange ‘absolute performance’ and IRR figures

Please forgive the flurry of questions! I’ve successfully imported one of my portfolios now - thanks for everyone’s help with that :slight_smile: Some of the numbers make sense, but others appear weird. For instance, this security:

has the correct dividends, unrealised gains, but I cannot work out where the ‘absolute performance’ number is coming from? The description suggests market value at the end of the period, minus the market value at the start, plus any distributions, minus any costs. It seems to result in the IRR being way out too?

  • Edit: I tried removing the Buy/Sell on the same date in case that was affecting things but that made no difference.

@chirlu I’ve just noted that the quotes are incorrect for all GBX stocks that were imported - perhaps related to that issue?

Looks right by my calculation (378063.0525−367515.86+367499.03−350695.3475+1197.64+1626.21+1982.52+1478.77).

Well, it should increase the absolute performance by 16.83.

What do you feel to be “way out” here? I haven’t calculated it, but it seems plausible.

Uh, this one has the exchange rate inverted (1 p = £100).

Sorry @chirlu you’re totally right re absolute performance.

re the exchange rate, we had it set to 100 in the other thread for buy/sell (in order to avoid those error messages), but just tested and indeed it seems to work - I had expected exchange rate to affect more than just the quotes, so hadn’t checked.

Quotes aren’t stored at all, just the total amount and the number of shares.