Suggestion: define asset as a whole portfolio

I would like to make a suggestion. I would like to define an asset as one of my portfolios. Let’s consider that i want a replicate an index consisted of maybe like 15-20 companies. I would like to do this as a new portfolio, but after that i would like to include it in my “big” portfolio as a new asset.
What is your opinion on this? Would be possible to make it?

Not sure if I understand correctly what you want to achieve, but have you tried the classifications? It sounds like this is what you are looking for.
PP does not know the “grouping” portfolio, so please explain a little what you mean and maybe provide some pictures where you want a different view.

Yeah, i guess an image would have helped a lot, so here it comes.
So i would like to know if it’s possible to define that other portfolio called “PP1” as an asset in my portfolio called “Portfolio”. That quote of PP1 asset in Portfolio would be the weighted mean price of its (PP1) own assets.
In my opinion this would be great if someone wants to creat his own ETF and then include in his “main portfolio”.
I hope that i kinda explained what i want.

I think this is not possible. But as I said, if you want to track performance (not price), you can work with a classification. classifications can be added as data or benchmark in most widgets on the dashboard an on most diagrams.