Support for authentication when using custom JSON quote feed

Hi guys, I just set up a private server to get historical quote data from. However I found out the JSON provider cannot do Bearer Token auth, so I’ve got to leave the server without auth.

Any plan to support it ? Thanks!

Hi @dofine,

no current plans to do so.

For now, you could add a “token” parameter with a specific value and check on the server side that the token has exactly that value. So that is your layman’s authentication.

For the Bearer token: I know there is the header parameter (and allowing to set header would be fairly easy) but one would need to program more to get the bearer token automatically. Do you have a pointer what needs to be done?

Hi thanks for the reply! In my view allowing to set HTTP header would work perfectly.

In fact I’m using PostgREST to serve the data stored in my postgresql database.