Swapped Securities Account and Cash Account

In the Securities Account in the Transactions table, I have the columns Securities Account and Cash Account. But the records in these columns are swapped.

Can someone check if this is just my problem or if it is a global problem?


Without additional information, it is impossible to pinpoint the problem. Please send screenshots.

Best regards, Laura

Hi @Laura ,
I have Slovak translation

Hotovostný účet = Cash Account
Účet cenných papierov = Securities Account

I add Cash Account to the name of Cash Account and Securities Account to the name of Securities Account.

I have checked the translation because I have worked on it and it is correct.


I switch to English, here is the same

Securities Account → Transactions

CSVColumn_AccountName = Konto
CSVColumn_AccountName2nd = Gegenkonto

CSVColumn_AccountName = Cash Account
CSVColumn_AccountName2nd = Offset Account

CSVColumn_AccountName = Hotovostn\u00FD \u00FA\u010Det
CSVColumn_AccountName2nd = \u00DA\u010Det cenn\u00FDch papierov

Something seems to be wrong.

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I can only imagine that this is an assignment error. But based on your description, this is not very likely. I am at a loss and can only recommend that you look at all the relevant settings again.

Best regards, Laura

It’s a translation error (also in English; your Slovak version is probably translated from English). What is now securities account should be a generic account (German Konto); and what is now offset account refers to the “other account” also affected by the transaction (German Gegenkonto). (“Offset account” is very possibly not the correct English term; see also Importing dividends with currency conversion from CSV-file possible? - #5 by chirlu)


As an example SAP is using either of the following terms regarding the module:

  • contra account
  • offset account
  • offsetting account


Thanks guys for your answers.
@chirlu Yes, I translated it from English and there may be some discrepancies.

Now I change the language to German and see:

and columns:

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s related to accounting. But why are the columns named differently to the left panel?

Are the German labels correct?