Switch between IRR and TTWROR in Performance Chart


On the [Performance > Return/Volatility] menu, I have the option to choose between TTWROR or IRR under return metric.

I remember that some while ago, when I alternate between TTWROR or IRR on the Return/Volatility Menu, the [Performance > Chart] graphics changed also according to the choice I made for the return metric. In other words, the Performance Chart graphic corresponded to the type of the return metric.

However, now, this synchronisation does not occur anymore. My Performance Chart shows the graphic based uniquely on the TTWROR metric, even when I choose IRR as the return metric on Performance > Return/Volatility menu.

I’d like to know if or how I can fix this problem.

Thank you!

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Really? I’ve never seen that.

Yes, I believe that is a false memory. It was never possible, and there is no obvious definition for such a graph.

@ProgFriese @chirlu

Thank you very much for your replies !

is there a way to change metric in Performance > Chart view to IRR vs whats currently (TTWROR??)

@chirlu @flywire can metric on performance chart customized/changed?

I don’t like to repeat myself …