Switch taxes and fees fields in dividend dialogue

It appears that one of the PP updates introduced or switched the field Taxes and Fees in the Dividend screen:
This is illogical because when entering a dividend 9 out of 10 times you also need to add the withheld Taxes. So the Tax field, should be below the Gross Value Field

With any decent broker there are no fees so not sure why this field is even present in this screen.

My workflow used to be entering the dividend in Gross Value, [tab] enter tax amount, go to the next one.
The current UI layout of PP is making it that people will keep entering the Tax amount in the Fees field causing issues later when you want to see how much Tax/Fees you’ve paid over a year.

So please, please put back the Tax field BELOW the Gross Value field.
Thank you!

Well, there are indecent brokers that do collect fees for dividend payments, and that’s why it was added recently (after numerous requests).

The order 1. fees, 2. taxes is for a very simple reason: It’s everywhere else in that order already.

You are not the only person in the world … For me, it’s rather like 1 out of 10 (and 0 out of 10 have fees).

Just adapt your workflow and press tab twice. Issue solved.

You are not the only person in the world …

Wow never said I was the only person in the world. Perhaps a poll would have been better ? 10 people requesting this while maybe 1000 never use it. :thinking:

For me, it’s rather like 1 out of 10 (and 0 out of 10 have fees). …

Think I’ll do some more digging in what you are buying since I was not aware that are so many things out there where you get dividends without having to pay taxes :man_shrugging:

But thanks for taking the time letting me know where this feature came from.

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@chirlu Can confirm that there are brokers out there such as DEGIRO that collect a decent amount of fees for dividends and ADRs, hence why I’m switching.

Am also glad PP includes fees and taxes in the dividends screen :muscle:

@Max_Mustermann Not saying the feature has no use, just saying it’s illogical to put the fees field in between the amount of dividend and the tax that is deducted.
(or maybe you are also one of those lucky Johns that doesn’t have to pay taxes on dividends) :thinking:

And DeGiro sucks for serious investors so smart that you are switching.

As I said before, it’s the same order when buying or selling shares. Is the order illogical there, too?

@chirlu I think that depends on where you live?

I’m from the EU and I don’t have to pay any taxes when buying/selling shares. Just the fees for the broker so that setup make perfect sense :100:

(perhaps in some parts of the world people when buying/selling they need to pay tax directly during the transaction?)

As @chirlu mentioned the sequence of displayed fields are the same at all type of booking types. Otherwise you have a buy transaction where fees comes first and at dividend tax cones first is also not intuitive.

Well, I happen to be from the EU, too, but taxes are still the individual member states’ business.