Taxonomy asset class and allocation: Y axis more than 100% (leverage)

Here is a suggestion for developers: the chart for stacked percentages in the asset class and asset allocation should not have it’s Y axis limited to 100%.

Problem: when using leverage (e.g. some account intendedly has a negative balance), the sofware does calculate that the sum of all classes is higher than 100%, but the Y axes is limited to 100% so it doesn’t show the data.


  1. Negative balances is something rather frecquen when investing with a margin account, because investment total is higher than deposits.

  2. A different type of leverage are mortgages. I created an account for a mortgage outstanding balance, with a big withdrawal (leads to negative balance), with programmed “investment plan” (=debt service) and interest charges. This is leverage because I could use my investments not to borrow money, but I chose to borrow and keep investing. See example below.

a) See total % more than 100 marked green. The Y axis won’t show higher than 100%.

b) See negative balance for mortgage (or whatever trading margin account) in statement of assets.

Huge thanks to the developers and the community, fantastic piece of software.