Tracking of bank deposit

Hi, is it possible to track different kinds of bank deposits?

We have a bank, it has one or more accounts where you can deposit money, but usually intrest rate is low. Then you have saving account where the rates are higher. You can track those accounts with PP easily.

But then you have bank deposits, they have additionally end time, you can have multiple of them, they may have fixed or variable intrest rates. How to track them?

(not sure if “bank deposit” is the correct english word)

I think the english word is “deposit account” which might already give you the answer: Create an account to track it. If it is closed after a given time you transfer the money to your main account you track in PP or add a disposal if the account isn’t tracked. After that you can e.g. deactivate it so that it doesn’t appear in pull down menus for other transactions anymore but you still have it documented within PP.

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