Tracking physical gold

Hello Everyone,

I’d like to ask you how to add physical gold in pp?What is the best way to track its performance within another assets already included?



Could you explain what you mean by that?

I plan to buy physical gold and I’d like to track it price and ofcourse impact to whole portfolio, so the question is how to do it in pp?


Well, just like with any other asset – create a security corresponding to, say, 1 ounce of gold and a securities account “physical metal” for it.

well, yea for sure, but will be than the price updated on reugular basis?

If you configure a source, sure. It’s not in any way different from stocks. In fact, PP doesn’t even know it’s not a stock.

gotcha, any idea where to get source for 1 OZ Gold in EUR?

From Ariva, via “table on website”: ᐅ Goldpreis Historische Kurse | Historische Werte | ARIVA.DE

Silver and platinum are available, too.

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