Tracking solar panels investment

I’ve invested in a collective solar roof, meaning I “own” a bunch of solar panel within the larger project. The electricity is sold on the net for bid prices, meaning each year profits are collected (after deducting the costs). For each year, the profit per panel is known.

To keep track of the investment, I’ve set it up in the following way.

  1. Added custom security (equity) which represents the project, i.e. “Solar Roof”
  2. Added value changes through the historical quotes, basically the initial cost: EUR 70 per panel and the yearly depreciation: 1/15 and rest value 0
  3. Created a Deposit Account, representing the project, i.e. “Solar Roof”
  4. Registered my initial deposit equal to the amount of panels I purchased: EUR 1470
  5. Created a Securities Account, i.e. “Solar Roof”
  6. Bought shares equal to the amount of panels I purchased: 21 shares (21 panels)
  7. Each year I register the profits as dividends

In reporting everything looks as expected. I’ve duplicated the standard view and adjusted the data filters to use the Deposit + Securities accounts.

Sharing, because it might be useful for others.