Tracking the AUM and performance of individual accounts and sub-accounts?


I am trying to set up a system that would allow me to track the AUM and gain/(loss) of multiple owners holding similar assets across multiple investment accounts. Some of these are individual accounts while others are joint accounts. In addition, several brokerages allow me to set up multiple sub-accounts to run different investment strategies.

These accounts and sub-accounts contain securities and instruments which might be held only by me or my partner, or by both of us. And many of these securities are unit trusts (unlisted securities not found in Yahoo or FT or

In addition, many of these investment accounts have multiple cash accounts, one for each currency I might deal in (eg. SGD, USD, HKD, RMB, AUD, EUR, GBP). Dividends can be received in any currency, and withholding tax and charges for the various securities is often accounted for in the payout currency, rather than in the top-level account’s reporting currency of Singapore Dollar (SGD).


  1. Can I get PP to generate AUM and performance reports at the consolidated portfolio level for both of us, the consolidated portfolio at the individual level, at the brokerage level, at the individual account level, and at the individual sub-account / strategy level?

  2. Can I do this in PP using one XML file? Or will I need one XML file per sub-account / strategy, and then manually run them for a time period and consolidate this in an Excel spreadsheet?

  3. Or should I consider other portfolio management software for such purposes?

One possibility I am considering is to use PP to manage sub-accounts or portfolios of funds, and to use StockMarketEye to manage consolidation of sub-accounts on a monthly basis.

Based on screenshots showing indents and drop menus, SME’s Portfolio Grouping feature seems able to handle reporting for individuals holding multiple accounts. (ref. Portfolio Groups - Stock Market Eye)

But I cannot find similar documentation for this in PP. One suggestion was to create a taxonomy based on owner which seems possible. But is there a way to recreate multiple copies of a unlisted security listing and then just modify the name to reflect which sub-account it is part of and which owner has a beneficial stake?

(Being able to duplicate an entry for an unlisted security helps remove the need to keep reimporting historical price data.)

Any thoughts and comments are much appreciated!

Thanks and regards,
Goondu Investor