Tradegate returning wrong date format

Is it just me or is Tradegate’s Last price information (used for historical data) is returning wrong date format in its HTML page header?

Is it an issue on TG’s end or is it something that I can influence on my end?

Is it just me or did you ask a question about a URL without mentioning the URL?

And where in the picture shown are historical data displayed?

it’s literally any price page on tradegate.


however, i think i found the issue, which seems to be linked with the EN and FR versions of the website. using the DE version gives the correct date format.


if you link to the EN/FR pages in PP, you would get the american date version. Today would be 12th May.

Yes, seems like a bug, but I don’t see it in any way related to PP.

Looks like it.

Even though i am surprised that PP reads TDG quotes not from the table itself (last transaction) but gets the date from the page header.

It does get the date from the table, but 05/12/2023 is a US format which is consequentially interpreted as MM/DD/YYYY.

Nevertheless, maybe you have an idea to fix it, but we need the date format “M/D/YYYY” vs. “D/M/YYYY” in place, how to judge which format need to apply for content grabbing? One is 5th December vs 12th May, though.

Check out the response button, you’ll see the no historical prices are available as table. They are enriched via JSON an JavaScript.

i am not sure about that. in the EN/FR versions it is still shown as 05/12/2023 in the table. only the HTML header is different than in the DE version

No, the German version has 05.12.2023, which is interpreted as DD.MM.YYYY.